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Introducing Omidsazan Paya Irik Company

Omid Sazan Paya Iric Company as a producer and supplier of all kinds of industrial salt and salt tablet(powdered salt, sugar salt, fishing salt, shellfish salt, livestock salt, drilling mud, road salt, etc) and salt tablets with recrystallized salt (up to 99.5% pure) has started its work since 2015 . In recent years, it has succeeded in gaining the trust and satisfaction of its valued customers. We tried to produce the best products with the help of colleagues, knowledge and experience and provide it to our valued customers. Omid Sazan Paya Iric has succeeded in being one of the largest suppliers of various industries in the country due to its brilliance in recent years. We are proud to announce that we were able to supply the oil drilling salt, animal salt for livestock farms, rock salt for cold stores, salt tablets for water purification devices in the dialysis department of public and private hospitals, snow removal (road) salt for highways, and hard salt for refineries. and petrochemicals and etc. In 2021 , the export line of the company’s products was launched with the aim of exporting to neighboring countries. In the first step, we managed to export 50 tons of salt tablets to Iraq. We are ready to prepare and send your orders in different weights and packages. We thank you in advance for your trust and good choice.

To contact and order please call: 00989308254971 or send a message on whatsapp.

Address: Sanat 9, Khairabad Industrial Town, Varamin, Tehran Province

industrial salt and salt tablet by Omis Sazan Paya Iric